The Convenience Of Portable And Rolling Tool Boxes

Need a tool box? Whether you are a professional mechanic, a handyman, or a do it yourself individual, having a quality tool box is necessary to have all your tools organized and close at hand when duty calls. There is nothing that will drive you more insane than not being able to locate the tools you need.

Portable tool boxes

Portable toolboxes come in many different materials that include plastic, wood, and aluminum and provide you with high quality comfort and protection. Portable tool boxes come with a handles and straps to hold and carry with you and include storage compartments to organize your hardware pieces like bolts, screws, and nails.

At you will find portable tool boxes such as the C9 tool bag. What makes this portable bag so convenient is the soft nylon firm base that makes able to hold a great deal of weight. What is really cool about this bag is that once you have reached your destination there is a side bag opens on three sides that will drop down making your tools easy to grab. The interior of this bag holds pockets with elastic loops to hold many small tools. On the other side of the bag you will find more loops but for longer tools.

There are many other options such as the three-drawer portable tool box which can hold up to 55 pounds in each drawer and can be locked. The three-drawer tool box also comes with drop down handles that are hidden on the sides, the eight drawers lock automatically when you close the top lid.




 Rolling tool boxes

These rolling tool boxes provide flexibility and ease to move your tools around the shop. They offer from 5-drawer to 33-drawer and can store more than 170 tool pieces. Some of the features include foam rubber mat for protection, bottle holders, and an anti-tilting system to avoid the drawers from tipping over and opening. Rolling tool boxes offer 5-drawer to 33-drawer to store more than 170 tool pieces. They include foam rubber mat for protection, bottle holders, and an anti-tilting system to avoid the drawers from tipping over and opening.

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