BETA C24SL 7- Drawer Rolling Tool Cabinet

This is a great roll around tool box. Not only do you have a secure space in which to store your tools but this roller cabinet also features storage all the way around. The laminated wood top is a very durable and gives you a manageable space to do your work on. Larger work tops - such as a workbench - allow for more clutter and tend to become a junk collection point in your garage. Which means you never have space to do your work. A smaller space makes it easy to keep your work space clean and you always have a place to do your work accessible at all times.

The cabinet's work top is designed to be used with a vice - which can very easily be installed. Of course the drawback of installing the vice is your work space is a little diminished but not by much.

The cabinet has a steel box frame construction which makes it very rigid and very strong. The total weight rating for this cabinet comes in at 1500 lbs. but the total unit empty comes in at 140 lbs. So you can see by this that you can put a ton of tools in there and then some.

As we mentioned earlier there is also a lot of storage to be found all the way around the cabinet and you don't have to worry about over loading it. There are 4 heavy duty castors on this cabinet. Two on one end are fixed and the two on the other end are swivel. Each swivel castor is equipped with a simple to use locking mechanism. To lock just press down on the orange tab with your foot placing it against the castor and it will lock into place, to release just push the orange tab with the toe of your shoe and your cabinet with become mobile again. In the unlocked position the cabinet will easily swivel and turn (similar to parking a vehicle on the street) and become easily re-positional with very little effort making it easy to turn around when you need to access the ample storage in the back.

On the back there are two recessed lipped metal shelves where you can conveniently store larger items. This is beneficial as it gives weight to the cabinet and steadies it in the event all the drawers on the front are opened at the same time and it is in danger of tipping over. On the one end of the cabinet you find a handle to help move the cabinet around, a built in holder for paper towels and a place to store tool room chemicals. On the other end of the cabinet there is accommodation for a vice on the top level, a lipped metal adjustable shelf on the middle level and a lipped metal fixed shelf at the bottom. These lipped shelves help to contain tools from falling off the shelf. Also the lips of the shelves can be used to hang your power tools that come equipped with a belt clip. Just clip it to the side of the tray when you are not using it and you have another storage spot.

The cabinet features seven drawers that come in 3 different depths. Each drawer has the same size in length 23 1/8 and the same width 14 1/2. The only varying factor is the depth. The top 5 drawers are all the same depth 2 3/4 in. The next drawer or the 6th drawer is a depth of 5 1/2 in. The lowest drawer or the 7th drawer has a depth of 8 1/4 in. All drawers also share similar features, such as they are all lined with foamed rubber pads which help the tools from moving around when opening and shutting the drawers and the ball bearing slides. The stainless steel ball bearing slides on the drawers ensure smooth operation of the drawers. They slide smoothly and easily and don't bind or jerk. A fingertip touch is all it takes. There is a closing feature that ensures each drawer ends up in the closed position once pushed closed.

A secure locking mechanism on the front of the cabinet locks all drawers with a 180% turn of the key so your tools are safe when you are not able to be in the shop. The height of the work top is just right for most people resting at 38' tall. It fits right in at 41 in wide and 21 deep. With These detentions you get a ton of storage in a compact space. Limitations to this cabinet are few. You cannot really store longer and bulkier tools. You might want to add another style of tool box to accommodate the storage of those type of tools.

You can find it here in Orange, Red, and Grey 

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